Some investments are worth considering. You often hear people mentioning about owning hidden spy cameras. These cameras are the best options to consider to aid in monitoring your home. They help in checking in on your siblings when you leave them with nannies. These tools give one a view on what is happening at home, school and in businesses without being present physically. The best spy cameras are those offering quality videos and crystal clear images.  Buyers can get the best deals by buying security cameras from reliable sites.  GadgetsSpy is the best place where we buy our spy cameras. This list provides 4 best spy cameras worth considering.

Tonut Spy Camera

It is a super small camera offering 720p home security compared to expensive models. This model has a lightweight and it’s therefore light to carry. Its recording ensures continual observation even after the memory card is full. This camera blends easily into the surrounding. It also attaches to clothing helping one to observe the live incident feed through a Smartphone APP. This model has features which distinguish it from the other models. These include loop recording, compact size, WI-FI detection, and motion detection.

Nextgadget Mini Pen Camera

This is a perfect tool for recording under all conditions because of its 1080p camera. The pen is able to blend appropriately in any space. For close encounters, the pen can be clipped onto the shirt pocket. There is a quick change in the recording mode and therefore recording can start two minutes after pressing the button. Recording can take up to 90-minutes without interruption because the pen has a 32 GB SD card. This model has distinct features which include appearing like a pen, capturing up to 90 minutes, capturing still and video images.

Meauotou Hidden Camera Alarm Clock

This model captures full HD 1080P quality videos for 2- hours because of doubling as a hidden camera. It records AVI videos viewable on Mac OS or Windows. The presence of a motion detection camera helps it start recording immediately motion is detected. As a result, the SD card does not fill up constantly. Its distinct features include doubling as an alarm clock, having motion detection and a great appearance.

Mini Portable Hidden Camera by AOBO

It’s a portable miniature camera recording 640p video viewable when Wi-Fi is connected. This camera has a loop recording and built-in rechargeable battery. Therefore it records video uninterrupted even after the SD card is full. On a single charge, this model can record up to 80- minutes of video. The motion detector helps one determine whether the movement is detected by sending an alarm. This model has distinct features which include excellent view, wireless connection, and loop recording.…


Spy cameras are essential security devices today. They are used in offices, warehouses, homes, and cars, among other places to unearth security sensitive information. If you are looking for a security camera, read on. I will give you a few tips on how to buy the best spy camera for your needs.


Consider the Best Spy Camera Type for Your Needs

Define your needs first then look for the spy camera that meets these needs. Spy cameras come in various types. For example, there are hardwired spy cameras that are connected to external recording devices using wires. They are suitable for smoke detection and thermostat monitoring. They are some of the cheapest spy camera types. There are also body worn spy cameras that come in the form of pens, key chains, purses, neckties and books, to name but a few. Teddy bear nanny cameras also fall into this category. Other types include self-recording all in one, IP and Internet accessible and 4G Wireless spy cameras. Wireless spy cameras are some of the most popular spy camera types today. They are small in size, and they come with amazing technological features such as motion detection, Wi-Fi compatibility and night vision.


spy cameraConsider the Features and Specifications

Once you have decided the type of spy camera that you want, consider its features and specifications. Choose spy cameras with robust features that will help you uncover the information that you are looking for. Consider the frame rate, the resolution and recording time. These are the features that determine the quality of the videos that your camera can record. Don’t forget battery life, night vision, and motion detection features. You also need to consider the durability of the camera to ensure that it serves you for a long time.


Go for the Smallest Spy Cameras

Features aside, two difficult conditions must be fulfilled for a spy camera to work effectively. First, the camera should be positioned strategically in an open place, and it should be hardly noticeable at the same time. To fulfill these conditions, you should look for hardly visible and super small cameras. There is a spy camera that is as light as 0.7 ounces and measures 0.98 by 0.94 by 0.94 inches. That is perhaps the smallest spy camera in the world. Despite the small size, its performance is impeccable. It has motion detection features and long battery life.


Listen to What People Have to Say

You also need to read user reviews to confirm whether the camera that you want to buy does what it purports to do. You will realize that there are many spy camera models in the market today and you can’t afford to buy any model without confirming its performance. An easy way of deciding the suitable camera for your needs is by reading real user reviews. These reviews will give you a good idea of what to expect from a certain spy camera. Visit a reputable spy camera review site and read several objective reviews of the camera you want to buy. Find the best mini camera rankings here and make your final decision.…