Top Features of Business Security Cameras

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There are various features that you need to put into consideration when looking to install new business security cameras. This is also the case when you wish to upgrade your cameras for reasons such as to get better range, clearer images, and more convenience among many others. Some of the top features that you need to consider are highlighted below.


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The features that you can enjoy on an analog security system are quite limited compared to those of a digital one. Digital zoom, image clarity, and remote viewing are examples of the features that you cannot get from an analog system. When upgrading or installing the best security cameras for small business, you should ensure that they offer you all the relevant features, preferably utilizing the latest technology. To strike a balance between features and price, you can go for the business security cameras with only the features that you require.


This is a significant consideration if you wish to install the security cameras in outdoor areas like parking lots, loading docks, and garages. The tough weather can compromise the integrity of the security cameras over time if they are not weatherproof. Most weatherproof security cameras are fitted in a housing that is designed to protect it from the weather elements. The housing can double up to protect the camera from vandalism.

Infrared Capability

Business security cameras should be able to give clear recordings even when there is low light such as during the night. Having infrared capabilities is what allows for this. The infrared illuminators in the cameras transmit a beam of the infrared light which creates a kind of light that the cameras can detect and make use of to capture clear recordings at night.

Remote Video Monitoring

The feature of remote video monitoring is quite useful as it enables you to monitor your business without being physically at the premises. This can come in handy when you have to store confidential records or valuable items at the business premises. It is quite efficient and cuts the costs and inconveniences associated with having to man the premises in camera

Field of View

Business security cameras should have a wide field of view. There are some which utilize specialized lenses to provide a 360 degrees field of view. Such will be a lot more expensive, but one camera can cover a much larger area to reduce the total number of cameras you need.