All You Need to Know About Circuit Breaker Finders

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Electrical household troubles are essential in most homes. It is true to say that, these issues are commonly experienced in older homes. One such problem is flickering, which is characterized by lights becoming dimmer, then bright again in a moment. Electrical overload is another serious issue that is experienced when the power demand is way above what the mains can supply.

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Have you ever come across a circuit breaker finder? Why do you need this electrical tool? When you hear about a circuit breaker find, the first thing that comes to the minds of most peopleĀ is a tool used to locate a circuit breaker. One thing to note is that a circuit breaker finder is a tool used to solve electrical problems, as you will come to see in the following section.

What is a Circuit Breaker Finder?

A circuit breaker is a device used to sort common household electrical troubles. It achieves things using the receiver and transmitter components to show you which breaker is connected to the switch or socket. With this device, it becomes a lot easy to single out a circuit in an electric panel.

Using a Circuit Breaker Finder

The first step to using a circuit breaker finder is to ensure that both the transmitter and receiver are working by placing them near each other. If you can hear some distinct beep sounds with the LED flashing, know that it is working.

Using the finder to match the circuit to a circuit breaker requires you to plug the transmitter into an outlet while the power is on. On the other hand, move the receiver on the face of the circuit breaker until only one breaker makes it beep. Turn it off and confirm whether the transmitter outlet is off.

Benefits of Using a Circuit Breaker Finder

A circuit breaker finder is a handy tool to use when doing electrical works around your home. There are quite many benefits accrued to using a circuit breaker finder. Here are some reasons to invest in this handy gadget.

  • Safe as it eliminates the need for physical contact with the line or equipment being tested
  • Convenient to use as it reduces downtime
  • Used to located ground lines, feeders, and branch lines
  • No risk of having equipment remain live during maintenance

A circuit tracer is undoubtedly a device you cannot do without, owing to the risky nature of faulty electrical connections.